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Male Shasta Royal Monroe Australian Labradoodles 

Better by Design Australian Labradoodle 

Berrybrook Dasher 

Dasher is a handsome Australian Labradoodle boy who loves everyone. He is very smart and loves to play fetch and snuggle. He works at a summer camp with kids. He is well known for his sweet and fun personality. He gets his huge eyes from his dad.  He brings joy everywhere he goes. Stud service is available. WALA00092056ALAA- 126039

Lola Mocha 2.PNG

Dream Puppyz Koda Bear 

Koda is a pure bred Australian Labradoodle and has an incredible confirmation. He turns heads where ever he goes. His deep red coloring along with his white tipped tail make him stand out. His coat resembles a build a bear, teddy bear. He loves to chase the ball all day every day. If you throw it once for him, you are his friend for life. He is obedience trained and incredibly smart. Much to our dismay, he can open the doors in the house so we had to get child locks on them. Stud service available.  Koda's health testing results 

WALA- 00050055 ALAA- 118567

Red Australian labradoodle on a fall day

Rellie Teddy 

Teddy is a Roan Tri Phantom boy. Teddy's guardian is training him to be a therapy dog. She is a teacher and hopes to bring him to work with her. Teddy is very well trained. He loves all people and dogs. His tail wags constantly. We are so proud of having this boy in our program. Stud service available. 

ALAA 130134 WALA 00092578

Noble Fur Huxley 

Huxley is an adorable mini Australian Labradoodle. He is a hopeful for our program. He lives with a guardian family. He enjoys fetch and has his own chair to watch TV. He has a heart of gold and we are looking forward to watching him grow.

ALAA- WALA pending 

Carmel Australian labradoodle
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