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Our passion for Breeding and Training Australian Labradoodles 

White Sheet
White Sheet

Available Puppies Quality Guaranteed

Price of a puppy is $3500 + tax


Honey x Gio 

Meet Honey, the sweetest pup you'll ever come across! She's a social butterfly and loves making new friends. You'll often find her by her owner's side, keeping him company while he works. With her friendly personality, Honey is definitely a winner of the Mrs. Congeniality award! Boss Man Gio is an outside stud who is adventurous,  goofy, and lovable. 
They are roan, parti, chocolate, and apricot.
Due in June, Go home August 10th!

Breeding Australian Labradoodles brings me immense satisfaction. I cherish the opportunity to help families welcome a new puppy into their homes, listening to their stories of beloved pets they have lost and their hopes for the future. Occasionally, I have the privilege of helping them find the perfect service or therapy dog.

As a teacher, I find great joy in training these intelligent dogs. My aspiration is to join Prescription Pets and visit schools, hospitals, and care facilities with my dogs, bringing joy and comfort to those in need.

Thank you for considering my Australian Labradoodles to be a part of your family.


a litter of australian labradoodle puppies
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