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Meet our Gorgeous Dams

Zoey the australian labradoodle sitting on a bench with a bow and a red bandanna

Dream Puppyz Princess Zoey 

Shasta Royal Monroe is dedicated to breeding the highest quality Australian Labradoodles with superior personality traits. Zoey is one of our shining stars, and we are so proud of the impact she has had on our breeding program. Despite her petite size, Zoey has an outsized personality and absolutely loves being the center of attention. She is an excellent mother and is incredibly patient with her puppies throughout the entire process. Zoey is truly a rare gem and a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Zoey's Test Results

 WALA - 00050057  ALAA -  118566

Photo of Honey

Shasta Royal Monroe Sweet as Honey 

Honey is very true to her name. She loves everyone and all other dogs. Her tail is always wagging. She loves to swim. She is sweet and easy going. She lives in a guardian home and has a human sister who loves to dress her up. Her temperament is what you expect from an Australian labradoodle! She has the looks and the personality to boot!

 Honey's Test Results  

 WALA - 00054018  ALAA -  118972

Photo of Foxy

Sun Valley's Foxy Flo 

Foxy is a shows stopper! This stunning Australian labradoodle girl came to us from Canada! She is a deep intensity red. Her coat is the most beautiful color. Foxy is a K9 good citizen. I swear she can actually talk! She is highly intelligent. She is absolutely spoiled by her guardian family. She enjoys going everywhere with her mama and spending time in the outdoors.

 Foxy''s Test Results

WALA-00054396  ALAA - 118722

Lola Mocha.PNG

Shasta Royal Monroe Lola Mocha 

Lola Mocha is a pure Australian Labradoodle who loves to play fetch with her teen boy guardian. She plays hard and snuggles up to her humans on the couch for hours. She is incredibly smart and is the star of her training class. You can actually watch her think of ways to earn a treat. She is very mild tempered and very easy going. Lola's deep chocolate Australian labradoodle coat is stunning and her white markings make her truly unique.

Lola's Test Results 

WALA - 00087026 ALAA -  121148

Photo of Harper Rose, she is still a puppy and is dark Caramel

Shasta Royal Monroe Harper Rose 

Harper has a beautiful buttery coat with red undertones. She is dark caramel with high intensity gene. Harper lives with a big, loving family full of kids and extended family. She enjoys going to her nearby park and playing football.

 Harper has passed her testing with flying colors!  

WALA-00095087 ALAA-128110

Chocolate Australian Labradoodle

Mount Harmony Nova Sky

Meet Mount Harmony Nova Sky, affectionately known as Nova. This chocolate mama at Shasta Royal Monroe is the epitome of grace and charm, combined with a touch of goofiness that endears her to everyone she meets. 

Nova's personality is a delightful blend of easy-going and playful. While she occasionally enjoys a good swim, her true passion lies in snuggling. Most days, you can find her nestled comfortably under my chair as I work on the computer, content to be close and offer silent companionship.

ALAA-131813 WALA- Pending 

Red tuxedo Australian labradoodle

Shasta Royal Monroe Apple

Meet Apple, our delightful mini Australian Labradoodle with a gorgeous rich red coat adorned with charming white markings. She's a future mama at Shasta Royal Monroe and has just passed her hip evaluations, ensuring she's in perfect health to bring more wonderful puppies into the world.

Apple's playful spirit shines through in her love for fetching, making her a bundle of joy and energy. She lives in a loving guardian home where she is cherished and spoiled, enjoying the best of both worlds as a family companion and future breeder. 

As part of our commitment to excellence, Apple embodies the exceptional qualities we strive for in our breeding program: health, temperament, and beauty. We're excited to see her bring her vibrant personality and stunning looks to her future puppies, continuing the Shasta Royal Monroe legacy.

ALAA-131687  WALA-00099342

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