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Living room where a girl has a puppy

Our Journey | Becoming Australian Labradoodle Breeders in California

A dog that checks all the boxes!

We welcomed our first Australian Labradoodle into our family following the loss of our beloved Rosie and Bella, two shih tzu sisters. My husband, yearning for a “big dog” – possibly the size of a horse, if he had his way – found his match. My affection for the Australian Labradoodle stemmed from their low-shedding coat and amicable demeanor. Happily, my husband’s wish for a dog that plays fetch and enjoys long walks was fulfilled. I managed to dissuade him from a giant dog, highlighting the pitfalls of counter surfing. Little did I anticipate, our new furry companions might not be tall giants, but their intelligence is certainly towering!

Before we ever had our first litter, we learned all we could!

We spent two years learning everything we could to become elite Australian Labradoodle breeders in California. During this time, we had many mentors and joined the Good Dog Good Breeder program.

Our Promise and our Mission- Ensuring the Best Start for Our Australian Labradoodles

Matching our precious puppies with caring new owners is our greatest joy. We dedicate extensive time, love, and effort to ensure our Australian Labradoodles are healthy and well-bred. Look here to see what our previous clients say about us. Here 


Family Environment: Our parent dogs live as cherished pets in loving guardian homes. We raise all of our puppies in our home. 

Health Assurance: Every dog undergoes rigorous health testing to join our program.  

Commitment: We never place our dogs in shelters and will take them back at any time, no questions asked.

Research-Based Training: We use a developmentally appropriate curriculum, including early neurological stimulation, scent exposure, and touch exercises, to give our puppies the best start in life.

Intentional Breeding: We prioritize health and temperament, earning us the ALAA's Platinum Paw distinction.


To learn more or to reserve a puppy, please contact us. We're excited to help you find your perfect companion.

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“Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions, they pass no criticism.”

George Eliot

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