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Puppy Potty Training: Essential Tips for New Puppy Parents

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Puppy looks up lovingly

Puppy Potty Training

One of the biggest questions I get asked by new puppy parents is about training. People are worried about potty training in particular. In this blog I am going to lay out some easy routines for you and your furry bundle of joy.

First, the best tool that a new puppy parent has at their disposal is a crate or a kennel. I like to call it their "room." Growing up my dogs never had crates. I honestly didn't see a need. When it was first suggested to me to crate train a puppy my husband and I got after we were married I thought it was barbaric. I figured I would try it for the puppy phase similar to a crib for a baby. What I didn't know at the time was how much my puppy would love his room. I also enjoyed having a safe place for him when I was not able to supervise him. I found myself running out to get a bigger one for him when he out grew his puppy room. I knew he was not going to be happy without it.

The crate allows you to use the dogs natural instincts to train your puppy to go potty outside. First, you have get your puppy to like their crate. Yack cheese and other natural chews are the best way to do that. Puppies enjoy chewing and they start to associate positively with their crate. Avoid leaving them in so long that they cry to get out. When you place your puppy in the crate, hold them in front of the open door and place something desirable like a toy or a treat in the crate. Say, "Go in your room." If they move like they will go for the treat let them walk in. If they don't seem like they will go willingly, guide them in. You can do this every time until you can say go in your room and your pup will go in willingly without your help. Start with short bursts of time followed by a potty break. When taking your puppy to their potty spot, carry them. Place them in the potty spot. Once they start to go, say, "Go potty." Give verbal and physical praise to your puppy when they go potty. In the beginning only have them supervised in the house for 15-20 minutes in between potty breaks. It is very important to supervise your puppy when they are outside of their crate. This is when many bad habits can be formed. It is important to catch them before they behave badly. You can redirect them and if they are acting like they have to go potty, you can scoop them up and take them to the potty spot. You can be sure that you will find success with consistency and supervision. Check back often to read more valuable tips and tricks for bringing home your new puppy.

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